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Our main attractions

Meet our St. Bernards up close

On the ground floor is our main attraction at Barryland: the area where we keep our famous Great St. Bernard hospice dogs. The indoor areas lead out to the outdoor enclosure in the park grounds so that the dogs can be seen up close in all weather.

Information boards provide information on the dogs’ build and anatomy, puppy development and the Barry family pedigree. Here you can learn more about the origin of the breed and its distinguishing features.

You will also find fascinating information on our new project entitled “The St. Bernard—Always at Our Service”, in which St. Bernard dogs are employed as assistance dogs.


Our puppies are off the cuteness scale!

Barryland breeds puppies two or three times a year: The puppies stay at Barryland for four weeks, and their arrival is announced on our website and in Facebook. The Barry Foundation is particularly worth a visit at these times.



If you would like to see our puppies on a regular basis, you can watch them via live streaming:
Here you can watch our St. Bernards in real time.


Special offers

See our special offers for families, schools and groups and information for people with mobility and visual impairments.


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Understanding dogs - for children

Through this fun activity dedicated to children from 4 to 15 years old, learn how to interact with dogs to gain their trust and their precious friendship. Language : French.

Dates and Schedule : According to the booking calendar, one Wednesday and one Sunday per month, from 13.45-15.00 at Barryland, Martigny.

Price :
Children (4-7 years) CHF 7.00 | Children (8-15 years) CHF 12.00. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult (entrance fee to Barryland, CHF 12.-)

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